The Power of Networking

Posted by Wes Kriesel on 11/7/2022

Building and strengthening positive relationships goes a long way, as they can open amazing opportunities! A simple strategy to use in your networking practice is simply sparking up a conversation with an individual you meet. This individual can be a parent at your child’s school, an old friend, a family friend, or a school peer. However, attending a networking event, a job fair, alumni events, or even public speaking events increases your chances significantly, as it is also important to make a connection with others and find any similar interests that you may have.

  • Introduce yourself, be friendly, and engage in a fulfilling conversation where the other individual will have an interest in you and the work you can do.
  • Practice active listening! People love to give advice and feel appreciated when they are listened to.
  • Share! Take note that you should also be willing to help others by letting them know of your contacts and your skills, networking and building a relationship is a two-way street.
  • Don't push or pressure! It is also important to take into consideration that you should not ask for a job, as this will apply pressure on them, instead ask for advice on how you can accomplish a certain career goal.

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