Mrs. Kim
  • agenda


    Period 1  Algebra
    Period 2  Algebra
    Period 3  Prep
    Period 4  Math 7
    Period 5  Algebra
    Period 6  Math 7
    Period 7  Math 7


    Grading Scale

    Check PowerSchool for current grades.


    Grades are weighted:
    30%  practice work
    70%  graded work + assessments


    Bring daily:

    • fully charged iPad
    • wired earbuds
    • agenda
    • lined paper
    • composition book/ notebook
    • pencil
    • red pen

    Homework is due before 12:00 am the next day. Always number and complete your work on paper (unless otherwise stated), even for online assignments. 

    1. HEADING: Write your first and last name, date, period, and assignment title at the top.
    2. COPY the problem/figure. For word problems, you may write key phrases, write an equation, or draw a picture.
    3. SHOW ALL WORK for full credit, which includes all steps leading up to the answer.
    4. BOX or highlight your final answer.
    5. CHECK the answers using the "Selected Answers" for book assignments. Online assignments will often times provide immediate feedback.
    6. CORRECT homework by re-doing the missed problem(s).

    When class is missed, you are responsible for checking the class websites or asking for the missed work. Please include "ABSENT on __/__/2023" in the comment section for Google Classroom. It is your responsibility to make arrangements to ask for additional help if needed.