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Science Integration
  • Science Integration

    Here we see an example of a journal spread done in a 7th grade honors science class. This student was given the task of representing the state of matters using a visual arts method of choice. This student chose to do a zentangle which consists of repeating patterns to create a larger design. If you look closely this artwork shows comprehension as molecules are embedded into the artwork as well as the creative spacing of the molecules themselves.

Visual Note Taking
  • Visual Notetaking

    Sketching Vocabulary pictures is one learning strategy many classes focus on.  Not only are they beautiful, it is easier for students to remember a word’s meaning in a specific context by making a quick sketch that connects the word to something personally meaningful to them.

Visualizing Math
  • Visualizing Math

    Our math classes use art journals and posters to apply concepts such as intersecting lines, parallel lines, origins, and types of angles to create perspective in architecture and design. Students used a photo of themselves to create a scale drawing using dilation, Ratios, proportions, and fractions.