Homeless and Foster Youth

  • Supporting Homeless and Foster Youth

    In Fullerton School District, we support our most vulnerable students, including homeless and foster youth.  Here are some facts related to enrollment for homeless and foster youth:

    • All homeless and foster school-aged children are entitled to the same free and appropriate public education that is provided to non-homeless students.
    • All schools are required to remove barriers to the enrollment, attendance, and academic success of homeless and foster youth students.
    • Homeless and foster youth children have the right to enroll in school immediately.
    • If a student does not have immunizations or immunization or medical records, the school must assist immediately in obtaining them, and the student must be enrolled in the interim.
    • Enrolling schools must obtain school records from the previous school, and students must be enrolled while records are obtained.
    • In accordance with Board Policy, 5116.1, "In the event of no available space at the neighborhood school of residence for an incoming resident student after the completion of Open Enrollment, that student will be placed on an overcrowding transfer to another school. That student is guaranteed a seat at his/her neighborhood school of residence the following school year, or sooner, based on space availability at the neighborhood school of residence."

    Board Policy 5116.1

    If you have questions about enrolling homeless or foster youth, the Office of Child Welfare and Attendance is here to assist you.  We can also help connect your family to resources related to housing, food, counseling, and more. Please contact Elizabeth Alva, our Homeless and Foster Youth Community Liaison, at (714) 447-7576 or elizabeth_alva@myfsd.org. Please also see the attached list of resources available throughout the Fullerton Community as well as information from the California Department of Education regarding homeless and foster youth.