Teacher Induction

  • FSD Teacher Induction

    Welcome to the Fullerton School District Induction Program for the 2024-2025 school year. We are excited to have you join us!

    FSD Teacher Induction is the pathway to a Professional Clear Credential. FSD Teacher Induction is designed to support beginning teachers who have finished their credentialing program and have applied for, or currently hold, a preliminary Multiple Subject, Education Specialist, or Single Subject Credential. Our staff is dedicated to providing induction for teachers who hold or are working toward clearing these credentials in the Fullerton School District, Buena Park School District and La Habra City School District.  We also welcome teachers from surrounding schools who do not have access to an Induction program.

    Through monthly workshops and one-on-one meetings, our Leadership Team is committed to supporting new educators to help develop their abilities in the classroom and teach them skills to be life-long learners and effective educators for their entire careers.

    FSD Induction Website: https://bit.ly/FSDInductionResources

    FSD serves Teachers in the Following Districts:
    Buena Park School District
    Fullerton School District
    La Habra City School District
    Teachers in districts or private schools NOT offering Induction, please submit an inquiry by contacting the Induction Office at 714-447-2857 or by emailing the Induction Coordinator at patricia_chiles@myfsd.org
    Teachers who are interested in becoming an Induction Mentor may complete the linked Mentor Application.
    *Districts wishing to partner with FSD to offer Induction for your teachers, please contact the Fullerton School induction Office at 714-447-2857
    FSD Induction Office

    Induction Coordinator: Patricia Chiles