Parent Notification regarding Zoom accounts and District Technology Support

  • April 10, 2020

    Hello Parents!

    Due to an overwhelming amount of tech support calls, we are currently experiencing response times of 2-3 work days from the time we receive calls or online help tickets. Our technicians handle requests on a first-come, first-served basis, and dedicate the time required to solve each individual tech support problem. Calling Support and filling out an online help ticket for the same problem does not speed up the process. As answers to many issues can be found on our tech support page at, please check there before calling Support or submitting an online help ticket. We also have tech support tables once a week at most schools, and twice a week at some schools, from 8:30-10:30am.

    Many of our teachers are hosting video conferences with their students using Zoom or Google Meet. Zoom is constantly making changes to their software. Students MUST create a Zoom account with their myfsd email account address. They click "sign in with Google" while they are logged into Google in a browser. It is very important that no one else is logged into a personal gmail account on the same device or computer as it will prevent the student from joining Zoom with their myfsd account.  Please make sure all personal accounts have been logged out on all browsers before the student goes to Zoom. Many of you have seen "this is an internal meeting" errors on Zoom. This is typically because a student is trying to log in with a non myfsd account, or logging into a meeting on a browser where another personal google account is active.

    This week Zoom added a birthdate question for anyone setting up a new account. The addition of the required birthdate has prevented many students from creating accounts as Zoom requires account holders be at least 16 years old. If a parent wants to enter a birthdate that reflects 16 years old or older for their student, they can make that choice. In doing so the parent is agreeing to supervise their students while on the Zoom meeting and giving their consent for students to use Zoom.

    As a reminder, if your teacher is doing any direct teaching over a video meeting they will be recording the Zoom and posting it to their preferred method of communication. All video conferencing is optional for students. Any teacher offering a video conference for questions or check-ins will also be offering other ways to ask questions like a Google doc, or email. 

    We also highly encourage you to download our FSD app from the app store for the latest updates from the district and your school sites. Search "fsd pk-8" and you will see the hand logo from our website.

    Thank you.

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