• Art Storage

    All files and photos saved from the PSL site are in the Storage folder within the Art folder. Only text has been copied over to this page.

  • Still life with Flowers and Fruit

    Due Date: Tuesday, January 5th


    1.  In your art journal, you will sketch and paint Paul Cezanne's 'Still Life Flowers with Fruit'

    2.  Make sure to add shadows, highlights and reflections to your art.

    3. Fill the entire page with color.  You may use pastels, paint, water color... anything!

    4. Submit a photo of your art piece to Google Classroom.


    Paul Cezanne 'Still Life Flowers with Fruit' is emulated. +5 pts

    Art is completed on art paper  +5 pts

    Color covers the entire page  +5 pts

    Attention to detail  +5 pts 

    Evidence of Form and Shape in the art piece  +5 pts

    Total =   +25 points

  • Still Life Fruit Painting

    DUE DATE: Friday, December 4th
    1. Using a pencil, sketch (light feathery lines) the outline of the fruit. Keep in mind that you start with the foreground and work your way to the back.  Your fruit should be approximately the size of your fist.

    2. Once you have your outline, begin lightly adding shading, shadows and highlights.

    3.  Add the stem and stem point as well as any imperfections. 

    4. Once you have sketched the fruit, you may begin adding layers of watercolor.  

    5. Start with the lightest color, let it dry and add another layer of paint. 

    6. Blend and mix darker colors as you go.

    7. Add your cast shadows and background if you want. 


    Pencil sketch fills most of the page +5 pts.

    Color is added +5 pts. 

    Shading and Highlights +5 pts. 

    Cast Shadows +5 pts. 

    Total = 20 pts.


  • Keith Haring Art Project

    Due Date: Friday, October 1st
    After studying Keith Haring and completing the artist study, you will create your own art piece that meets the following criteria.

    1. Use of COLOR  5 pts. 

    2. Complete the artist study questions 5 pts. 

    3. Emulate Keith Haring style Line art 5 pts.

    4. Fill the page 5 pts. 

    Total: 20 pts.

  • 3D Shapes

    Due date: Friday, November 20th

    Sketch all 7, 3D shapes using shadows, highlights and reflections.

    2 pts. each shape = 14 pts.

    1 pt. neatness

    15 pts.

    shapes & form