Extended Play


  • The Extended Play program was birthed from the idea that strong, healthy connections between the student and robust learning can still occur in the midst of a pandemic.  In an effort to rise to the challenge of distance learning, Extended Play was created as a way for students to access content and standards specific to their grade levels through digital connections in a self-paced format. Students were provided with lessons and activities in language arts and math through an online platform that they accessed through their district-issued iPads. These lessons included core instruction, as well as interactive activities that brought concepts to life.

    Every week featured an interview with a student. Check out our Extended Play team having a great time getting to know this student! Can you imagine the conversation? 

What is the most innovative feature of this program? 

  • Additional elements of Extended Play: Summer Edition included mentorship and encouragement from FSD teachers, which forged strong bonds between Fullerton families and their school communities. Family challenges and contests brought parental involvement into the process as well. Students not only felt engaged in the learning process but also felt valued, seen, and heard by their teachers and mentors. The solid foundation created from the spring and summer of 2020 has paved the way for Extended Play to continue serving our FSD learning community for the upcoming year.

    Every week, we worked together to reach out to our community and support them with fun and engaging ways to learn!