All the Arts for All the Kids

What is the most innovative feature of this program? 

  • The Creativity Centers are carefully designed and enchanting educational environment with changing interactive art exhibits that focus on grade-specific concepts through the arts. Each hands-on exhibit also includes a creative art activity led by an expert artist/educator. Currently our fifth and sixth grade center features Ancient Greece, Egypt, and Native American exhibits, and our lower grade center has a Colors, Shapes, and Numbers theme.

    The Clay Lab
    We have transformed a room at Valencia Park School into a beautiful and functional Ceramics Studio, and are working to develop every child's creativity via the medium of clay. Skilled artist/educators will teach a curriculum that is tied to each grade level’s social science standards. Each class will visit the Ceramics Studio twice; once to create their clay forms and another time to glaze their pieces.

    Movie Making Bus
    We have transformed two surplus school buses into mobile digital arts studios! Each bus is equipped with laptop computers, video equipment, a projector and skilled artist/educators travel with the Arts LAB from school to school. The artist/educators guide students through the entire movie making process as their children create their own short digital films based on what they are learning in their classrooms.

    Creative Makers Space Bus
    In partnership with the All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation, we have also created a Creative Maker Bus. Because our maker space is mobile, wired for electricity, and projects are adaptable across grade levels, the entire concept is based on flexibility and creativity. Our kids are given specific problems to solve, along with the tools to design – and actually make – their imaginative solutions come to life.


  • All the Arts for All the Kids is a professional development model that brings lessons in visual art, music, dance and theatre to each of the kindergarten through sixth grade teachers and kids in the Fullerton School District. These model arts lessons are taught by expert artist/educators who design and model lessons which teach arts skills and are tied to other curricular areas.

All the Arts students