First Robotics (FRC)


  • A main priority for the Fullerton School District is to help students find their passion that will guide them in their path through college and career. Robotics has been a backbone in the districts computer science programs and pathways. As the district seeks programs that are meaningful and deeply rooted in career, this program addresses the priority for robotics. This program also serves as a bridge beyond the junior high years. Fullerton is a K-8 district and this program allows are students to go beyond our reach, as well as it offers an opportunity for students to come back and apply what they have learned.


What is the most innovative feature of this program?

  • The innovative feature of this program is that it is completely owned and lead by students. The district and school support is offered to provide the students with what their needs are, but the fund raising, spending, teaching, and application is all lead and completed by students. Other programs will often be created by a program lead and/or district leadership. This program was pitched by a local community group of high school students that continued a program that was cut from the high school district. The partnership with this high school group and our district is truly one of a kind.