Hybrid Teaching


  • After surveying our families and working with our teacher association, we are offering distance learning (learning at home via Zoom), and hybrid learning, which involves students coming in to the teachers as part of either cohort A or cohort B. Cohort A students join the teacher in the classroom on Monday and Thursday and alternating Wednesdays and Cohort B students join the teacher in the classroom on Tuesday and Friday as well as opposite alternating Wednesdays from Cohort A. When students are not in the classroom with the teacher, they join the teacher’s class via Zoom from the MPR, library, gym or other location where they are supervised by classified campus personnel.

What is the most innovative feature of this program? 

  • In the video above, you will notice that messaging in June/July was that students would alternate days on campus. This would have meant that on alternate days at home students would have accessed asynchronous learning activities. However, our teacher association approved an agreement to teach in-person and on Zoom so that students would access the classroom on all days – whether by Zoom or in the room in person. This meant that the pace of learning would not be slowed down drastically as called for in  the in-person and asynchronous alternating day model. The support of our teachers to try hybrid teaching and learning is truly the most remarkablefeature of this model.


1st Grade

6th Grade

Hybrid Teaching