• iPersonalize is a personalized learning experience that blends academics, gamification and project-based learning to give students an immersive learning environment.

What is the most innovative feature of this program?

  • iPersonalize has a strong emphasis on student choice, student voice, and builds community partnerships to give students an authentic audience to interact with. Since the start of iPersonlize in 2013, it has evolved into teacher-created units of studies emphasizing in Marzano Instructional Strategies that are housed in a gamified platform where students have personalized avatars and work together collaboratively to earn experience points. Students apply the knowledge obtained from the academic component of iPersonalize into a social engagement experience. Partnerships with community members and local businesses allow students to engage with professionals to gain a higher level of knowledge and feedback on their projects. An example of an FSD social engagement experience is Story Angels. Story Angels is a community project where 5th graders have a wonderful opportunity to meet and interact with seniors residents or community members to learn about the impact of their life and accomplishments to others. During the various interactions, students will interview the residents or community members, write a narrative about them, and make a movie telling their life story. Students will present their movies to their new friends in a final presentation.