Classified Personnel Commission Merit System

  • The Fullerton School District Personnel Commission has been a Merit System School District for almost 50 years. This civil service form of personnel management was implemented through a vote by classified employees in 1966 and represents one of approximately 100 Merit School Districts in the state of California. The goal of a Merit System is to provide a personnel management system that reflects the practice of “efficiency, fairness, and impartiality in the selection, retention and promotion” of classified employees.

    The Fullerton School District Merit System is legislated through the California Education Code and governed by a Personnel Commission composed of three appointed Fullerton residents. The Personnel Commission and its staff are responsible for the implementation and administration of rules and regulations dealing with all aspects of the classified employment process including recruitment, testing, selection, classification and a portion of the formal disciplinary process, Disciplinary Appeal Hearings.

    Appointment to the Commission is for a three-year term and is made on a rotating basis with the term of one member expiring each year. One member of the Personnel Commission is selected by the Board of Trustees, another is selected by the classified employees union and the third member is jointly selected by the Commissioners representing the Board of Trustees and classified employees union.

    The Personnel Commission holds a public meeting on the fourth Monday of each month at 4:30 p.m.  The Commission may also take action to designate alternative meeting dates. Meetings are held at the District’s Administrative Offices at 1401 West Valencia Drive, Fullerton. A Personnel Commission agenda is posted outside the Fullerton School District Administrative Offices prior to each meeting.

    The Personnel Commission has an independent staff and budget. The Commission staff reports directly to the Commission and consists of a Classified Personnel Director and support staff. The Personnel Director is responsible for the daily administration of the rules and regulations and serves as the Commission’s representative.

    Questions or comments concerning the Personnel Commission are welcome and can be addressed to the Classified Personnel Department at (714) 447-7455.