Partnership between Administration and Labor (PAL)

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    PAL stands for the Partnership between Administration and Labor.  PAL has been an essential component of the relationship between the Fullerton Elementary Teachers Association (FETA), the California School Employees Association Chapter 130 (CSEA), and the Fullerton School District (FSD).  PAL centers around the key concept of “we will not let each other fail.” FETA, CSEA, and FSD have established shared Core Values which we call CIRCLES:

    • Communication
    • Integrity
    • Respect
    • Collaboration
    • Lead Learner (Growth Mindset)
    • Empathy
    • Student Centered

    These Core Values and the commitment to “not let each other fail” are at the heart of the PAL process.

    1. Success for All
      • We won’t let each other fail! 

    2. Student Success 
      • Fullerton School District will not accept any excuse that prevents students from  being successful.  Together, we will work to promote student success. 

    3. Equitable Distribution of Resources 
      • By working together, we will ensure all needed support and resources will be  provided equitably so that students at each school will be successful. 

    4. Top Employees with High Standards 
      • We will employ the best professionals to educate and support our students.  We  will work together to hire, train, and retain these professionals. 
    5. Respect & Value 
      • We will respect and value every employee’s unique background, perspectives,  and talents.  All employees will be treated with respect reflecting the  professionalism of their job.