• Fullerton School District - Job Application Guide

    The Fullerton School District is committed to hiring the most qualified individuals in a manner that is fair, equitable and merit-based. The recruitment and selection process consists of a review of a candidate's experience and credentials beyond the minimum qualifications articulated within each job classification.


    A recruitment is a competition and it is your opportunity to market yourself and compete for the position you are interested in. It is the basis for deciding whether you move forward in the recruitment and selection process.

    The Job Application

    A job application is a legal document and applicants are expected to be honest, accurate and complete in the information provided to demonstrate why he/she is the best candidate for a position.







    Be sure to include:

    • Where you worked (including date ranges)
    • Relevant education/training
    • What your job duties/responsibilities were
    • Knowledge, skills & abilities gained through experience




    False statements may be cause for disqualification, removal from an eligible list, or discharge from employment. All statements made on applications are subject to investigation and verification.

    Remember to:

    • Read the job description and employment standards to become familiar with the expectations and requirements of the position
    • Understand how your education and experience relate to the position requirements
    • Demonstrate through your job application (education, work experience, supplemental questions) that you meet the minimum requirements 



    Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee an interview. All properly completed applications will be reviewed, and the most appropriately qualified individuals will be invited to continue in the selection process.


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