Health and Social Services

  • Healthy Children Learn Better!

    Family interests and needs are identified during enrollment and throughout the year. Parents provide input through surveys, child health history, and developmental screening tools, such as Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP), Early Developmental Index (EDI), and Ages and Stages Questionnaire. Program staff assist families by providing resources, referrals, and follow-up support. Parents or guardians can contact the Preschool Office Staff to be connected with health and social needs and refer the child and family to appropriate agencies in the community.

    •  Health and Developmental Screenings 
      • Health status screening 
      • Immunization screening 
      • Vision, hearing, & dental screening 
      • Developmental screening   
    •  Referrals for health and developmental concerns
      • Child Guidance Center
      • The Priority Center: School Readiness Program
      • Orange County Health Care Agency
      • Orange County Health Care Agency Mental Health 
      • Primary care provider 
      • Regional Center of Orange County
    • Health education classes for children and for parents
    • Health training for staff
    •  Preschool Staff support
      • Support teaching staff with students having difficulties in class, such as behavioral issues, absenteeism, and/or other concerns.
      • Collaborate with the preschool team to identify parent resources/strategies to help the family with the child’s needs.

    Community resources and local partnerships promote and support access and enrichment opportunities for children and their families in our school community.