• Wonders Combination Class Guides

  • Combination Classes requires a re-organization of how we teach.  How do you squeeze two curriculums into one classroom?

    Teaching a combination classroom is a formidable challenge. The need to teach two curriculums in what feels like half the time can be frustrating and daunting for many teachers. However the materials that follow are designed to alleviate some of your concerns and increase the success you and your students will have with California Wonders. These materials include:

    • sample combination class lesson planners
    • cross-grade standards to enable you to teach related skills in whole class settings
    • suggested daily schedules with timeframes to help you effectively monitor your time and coordinate small groups
    • tips for making combination classes easier to teach and manage
    • ideas for enlisting the help and support of administrators, colleagues and parents.
       (McGraw-Hill Education, 2018)

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