2022 Film Fest Finalists


  • Britney Tameze with Addressing the Drama Between Me and Jelly

  • Lillie Perkins, Nolan Perkins, Cole Perkins with Dr. Jill

  • Winner: Timmy and Josie Carroll with Sweating with Timmy


  • Armando Flores-Garcia The History About Super Mario

  • Victoria Park Anne Frank

  • WINNER: Sophia Grimaldo Mexico and Its Traditions

Drama - Action, Adventure, Fantasy

  • Tougher Than Leather - Bradley Stockstill, Phynix Segura, Ember Williams, Zeke Winters

  • The Chase in Gyeongbokgung - Aubrey Duncan, Kate Ha, Nancy Yi

  • Winner: If I Was--Audrey Lee, Ethan Lee

How To

  • WINNER: Greyson Yamachika Cooking with Chef Greyson

  • Joseph Baek Between the Folds

  • Jennifer Kim, Haeum Shim, Youngeum Elst Chun How to Make Tiger Macarons

Public Service Announcement

  • Eli and Tessa Bartolome with Save West Coyote Hills

  • Tiffany Kim, Chloe Shin, Tegan Yoo with Take a Stand for Kindness

  • Winner: Natalie Hong with Fast Fashion - The Hidden Assasin

Stop Motion/Animation