2023 Film Fest Finalists


  • Soleil Mondragon and Luna Mondragon with Beware

  • Matteo McCauley, Lucas Myhra, Aiden Jackson, Aaron Preciado with The Hot Dog Thief

  • Winner: Joshua Choi, Madeleine Ayi, Caleb Choi, Hunter Siu, Kaya Neville, Samuel Duenas with When you can't find a job...


  • Jack Chemente with Johnny Cash Documentary

  • Dana Kim with The Story Of Abraham Lincoln

  • Winner: Greyson Yamachika with Hayao Miyazaki: The Master of Japanese Animation


  • Tyler Williams and Alex Williams with Snowball Fight

  • Mackenzie Tuttle with The Stuffed Court of Justice

  • Winner: Sophia Navaja Garza, Natalia Perez, Claire Miller, Bridgette Miller, Annie Bush, Ellie Burke, Eunice Oh with Little Red Riding Hood and the Two Sister Wolves


  • Riya Gupta, Abigail Hong, Ian Hong with How to Make Bulgogi Pizza!

  • Zechariah Lee, Bryan Lee, Tyson Lee, and Maximus Lee with Gardening with Friends

  • Winner: Greyson Yamachika with How to Make Shower Steamers and Be a Kid Entrepreneur


  • Reagan Duncan, Victoria Mercado, and Jessica Roy with Animal abuse and testing needs to stop

  • Timmy Carroll & Josie Carroll with Keep The Coast Clear

  • Winner: Bella Yuh with A Better Fullerton


  • Ana Rocha and Emma Rocha with Regrouping magic

  • Anthony Zamora with King of the Beast

  • Winner: Ethan Orona Ethan Kang with Homework in a Nutshell