School Readiness

  • School Readiness
    School readiness is a general concept to describe a foundation for future success. School readiness occurs when all the children, families, and schools are open and positive about learning. Then, the children will be ready to engage, share, explore, learn, and benefit from experiences. That is, readiness is fostered when families are ready to support their children’s learning and experience at school, and the schools are eager to provide the curriculum and environment that will support the children’s learning in language, math, physical, cognitive, social, and emotional competence. When schools, teachers, and staff are ready to provide equal access and opportunities to all children and their families by recognizing and supporting each child’s individual differences, they will be more prepared for learning.
    Child Development Services works collaboratively with parents and professionals to provide an array of services that strengthen and enable families and early childcare providers to develop skills that build strong families with healthy children, ages 0-5, who are learning and ready for school. Goals are accomplished through parent education, provider education, and parent and child interactive programs with health support services. Partially funded by the First 5 Orange County Commission of Children and Families.
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    Quality Star OC
    Quality Start OC Quality Rating & Improvement System (QRIS) is a program designed to support, promote and improve the quality of early learning programs throughout Orange County. Early learning programs are assessed according to a rating matrix, and sites are assigned a rating between 1-5 stars.
    Star ratings will help programs focus on improvement areas and provide valuable information for parents seeking early learning programs for their children. Participation in the QualityStart OC QRIS is voluntary. Programs that elect to participate do so to demonstrate their commitment to quality and their dedication to keeping abreast of current research and best practices in early learning.
    Our FSD Preschool Program participates in the QRIS OC program and achieves top star rating.  Our programs are recognized as high-quality Early Learning Programs.