Last October, 2017, Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 746 which requires Water Districts to test school water for lead at schools built before January 1, 2010.  Per Assembly Bill 746, these tests must be completed at all sites by January 1, 2019.  Fullerton School District made the decision to test all of our sites during the months of January, February and March, 2018 instead of waiting until the end of the year.  According to the new law, local school staff must notify parents and guardians if lead levels exceed the recommended level.  Staff must also immediately shut down all fountains and faucets where excess lead levels are present.


Water Testing Results by School/Site:


    Last year as part of our water testing throughout the District, we conducted water testing at the Nutrition Services building and discovered two sources of water that tested at 12 ug/L. While these results were below the Lead Action Limit (LAL) of 15 ug/L, we replaced two valves believed to be the source of lead. Shortly thereafter, we had the City test the water at Nutrition Services again. This time the results were 34 ug/L and 16 ug/L. We immediately stopped using the two water sources and called an independent water testing firm to test the water in the entire building.
    On May 7, 2018, we received the results from the 23 water samples taken by the independent water testing firm. Of the 23 water samples taken, 14 came back as non-detect for lead; 8 came back with levels between 0-15 ug/L; and 1 at 148 ug/L, which was from a wash-down hose used for cleaning the floors behind the ovens. Water from this hose did not come in contact with food.
    Based on these results, the decision was made to re-pipe the entire Nutrition Services building over the summer. Before school began, we had our independent water testing firm retest the entire building. Nine of the 22 tests came back non-detect for lead, and 13 tests came back between 0-15 ug/L including the two sources at Kettle #1 and Kettle #2 which came back and 9.73 ug/L and 10.9 ug/L, respectively. (During this test, we did not test the hose as before because water from that source does not come in contact with food nor is it consumed.) When the City completed their latest water testing in August, Kettle #1 and Kettle #2 continued to test at 18 ug/L and 11 ug/L, respectively.
    We have determined the source of the lead to be two parts associated with the kettles where water runs through between the new water pipes and the kettles. Until we change out these two parts, we will continue to fill the two kettles from other water sources, as we have been doing since mid-April of 2018.
    We are close to having a final solution and in the meantime, we have a "workaround" in place which ensures the water we are using has been tested as "nondetect" for lead. When the City retests the water in Nutrition Services, we will post the results on the District Website. The District is confident that this concern is being satisfactorily addressed; however, until the water testing results are known, our Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Robert Coghlan, is available to answer any questions you may have regarding this issue. He may be reached at 714-447-7412, or at robert_coghlan@myfsd.org