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    Assembly Bill 2370


    Assembly Bill 2370, Chapter 676, Statutes of 2018, requires that Licensed Child Care Centers (CCC) operating in buildings constructed before January 1, 2010 must have their drinking water tested for excessive lead levels by January 1, 2023.  This requirement applies to centers only, not to Family Child Care Homes.  If lead levels in water exceed an Action Level of 5 parts per billion (ppb) (formerly 15 ppb when first introduced), centers are required to take certain actions.  More details are included in the Written Directives, which were released by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS).


    Testing was performed by Executive Environmental Services Corporation who is a Certified External Water Sampler as established by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) in partnership with the California State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Drinking Water (SWRCB-DDW).  Testing was performed by the Clinical Laboratory of San Bernardino, Inc.


    Testing was done at any water fixture that is used for consumption.  Of the 66 samples that were taken, two samples exceeded the 5 ppb level.  Both of these exceedances were at Richman Elementary.  Sample No. 304270584_D is inside room 23 and is the sink faucet fixture; Sample No. 304270584_F is the right bubbler on the exterior drinking fountain.  The drinking fountain bubbler that is at the sink in room 23 did not exceed the action level nor did the left side bubbler on the exterior drinking fountain.


    If lead levels in water exceed an Action Level of 5 ppb, a Plan of Correction (POC) must be implemented.  The POC for Richman is:  the fixture is closed off immediately; bottled water is provided; parents are notified of the results; the fixture is replaced; the new fixture is flushed 4x per day for 30 seconds for 3 weeks; the new fixture is to be retested.  New Fixture Flushing Tracking Sheets


    Below are the completed lead sampling results for the water samples collected between December 6, 2022 and December 13, 2022 at the Districts CCC’s. The CCC’s are located at the following schools: Beechwood, Commonwealth, Hermosa Drive, Maple, Orangethorpe, Pacific Drive, Richman, Sunset Lane, Valencia Park and Woodcrest.


    Please direct any questions to Robert R. Coghlan, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services, Fullerton School District (714) 447-7412  robert_coghlan@myfsd.org

Water Testing of Child Care Centers