Blue Shield of California HMO and PPO

  • The District currently offers two PPO and three HMO plans through SISC Blue Shield for benefit eligible employees. A minimum essential coverage Blue Shield PPO plan is available for variable/subtitute/limited term employee, for more information click here.

    To view the differences amoung the PPO and HMO plans please see information and videos provided in the Medical Guide. 

    Please note Blue Shield does not include vision or dental; you will need to complete separate forms to enroll in vision and dental coverage.

    Dental Coverage Information          Vision Coverage Information

    For Blue Shield HMO ‘Find a Provider‘ link click here . Doctors listed under Access + HMO are available for HMO 10 and HMO 30 subscribers only. Please note if you are under the TRIO plan please select doctors under TRIO ACO HMO plan.